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    04.10.2016 10:55 10:55

    TUM-IAS Focus Group Functional Interfaces and TUM-IAS Alumnus Prof. Willi Auwärter pair up two stars from the world of chemistry

    TUM-IAS doctoral candidate Yuanqin He, TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Fellow Prof. Matthias Batzill, TUM-IAS Host Johannes V. Barth, all members of the TUM-IAS Focus Group Functional Interfaces, and TUM-IAS Alumnus Carl von Linde Junior Fellow Prof. Willi Auwärter created a hybrid material, which opens the door to new possibilities in graphene applications.

    They succeeded in linking graphene with another important chemical group, the porphyrins. Porphyrins are well-known because of their striking functional properties which for example play a central role in chlorophyll during photosynthesis. The researchers chose the porphyrin molecules as the partner for graphene because of their special properties. The molecules change their properties depending on which metals are at their center and can take on various different tasks, e.g. specifically bonding with gas molecules such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.

    These new hybrid structures could also be used in the field of molecular electronics, catalysis or even as sensors.

    The results of the study were published in the high-ranked journal Molecular Cell (IF 25.325).

    For more information, please see the official TUM press release.